17.6 Documentation of a Violation of Academic Misconduct

Where there is evidence of suspected academic misconduct, the faculty member or person aware of the issue should consult with the Program Coordinator and the Associate Dean to determine whether the offence and the associated information/documentation merit a formal complaint. If it is deemed that a formal complaint is likely and that further investigation is required, the Associate Dean shall take any or all of the following actions:

  1. notify, and arrange for an interview with the student, unless the student is unavailable or unwilling;
  2. delay the submission of the grades for the student;
  3. seek further information from faculty member(s) or any other parties involved;

consult with the Office of the Registrar to ascertain if any record of a previous academic offence exists; and

  1. notify the Office of the Registrar to hold changes to the student's record.

If the Associate Dean deems the student is not responsible at this stage, no sanctions will be assessed, no record of the suspected offence or complaint will be kept, and all parties involved will be informed by the Associate Dean.

If the Associate Dean determines that the student is responsible, the Associate Dean shall:

  1. notify the student in writing of the charge of academic misconduct, including the offence, the sanction, the effective date and the student’s right to appeal (see Section 17.4 on Penalties and Section 18.2 on Appeals); and
  2. notify the Office of the Registrar for purposes of documenting the offence on the student’s record.

In cases where Expulsion or Rescinding of a credential is recommended, the Senior Dean shall consult with the Vice President, Academic and the President.

Note: A student accused of an offence of academic misconduct in a particular course or courses will not be allowed to drop the course(s) in question during the period of the investigation. If the student is found to be responsible for the academic misconduct and receives a sanction other than an official warning, the student will not be allowed to drop the course(s).

Humber Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations