10.3 Supplemental Privileges

A supplemental privilege is the opportunity to earn credits for a course that a student has failed. Normally, a supplemental privilege will be granted only in instances where the student has successfully passed all evaluation components awarded throughout the course but did not achieve a passing grade after completing the final exam or final evaluation. In such instances, the student’s final grade will normally fall between 45% and 49%.

A student who wishes to request a supplemental privilege must apply to the Associate Dean, or designate, of her/his program, using the Application for Supplemental Examination, which can be found on the Academic Regulations webpage. The Associate Dean, or designate, may allow a student to complete up to one (1) supplemental exam or other evaluation measure per term provided they do not have a registered academic or student code of conduct offence in that term. The request for a supplemental privilege must be made within ten (10) business days from the end of the term in which the failed course appears. The ten (10) day period may be extended by the Associate Dean or designate in exceptional circumstances.

If the supplemental privilege is granted, the student must pay a fee through the Office of the Registrar. Once proof of payment is received, a supplemental examination or evaluation will be arranged by the Associate Dean or designate. The maximum grade that a student can achieve through the supplemental privilege process is the minimum passing grade or the minimum grade required for progression purposes. A supplemental exam or evaluation must be completed within six (6) weeks of the end of term in which the failed course appears. Normally, courses that have a prerequisite may not be taken until the prerequisite course(s) has/have been successfully completed and passed.

Supplemental privileges will not be granted for experiential learning courses, such as, but not limited to: mandatory professional practice; cooperative education; internship; and/or field experience courses.

Students who apply for and are granted a supplemental privilege forego the right to pursue an academic complaint, grade review, or appeal of their final grade. More information can be found in Section 18.0, Grade Review and Academic Appeal.

It is the student’s responsibility to read and understand the course outline, including associated timelines and evaluation methods employed in the course. Students are responsible for retaining course outlines for any future requirements they might have to certify or confirm details of the course content. Policies may vary by Academic School. Applicable supplemental privileges policies can be obtained from the appropriate Academic Faculty.

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