17.4 Academic Misconduct Sanctions

If a student is found to be responsible for academic misconduct, an Academic Misconduct Letter will be issued to the student by the Associate Dean or designate.  An Academic Misconduct Letter will clearly indicate the outcomes of the review which may include one or more of the following:

  1. required submission of a new piece of work;
  2. partial or total loss of marks on the exam/assignment in which the offence occurred;
  3. partial or total loss of marks for the course in which the offence occurred;
  4. a notation on file in the Academic Faculty;
  5. a notation on the student's official transcript;
  6. the rescinding of Humber-funded scholarships or bursaries;
  7. suspension from Humber for a period of between two (2) and six (6) consecutive terms. The student will not be permitted to register and will retain none of the privileges accorded to students. Students who have been expelled or suspended will not receive credit for any studies during that suspension or expulsion period. A student who wishes to be considered for readmission after this period of time must make an application for readmission that will be evaluated on the basis of eligibility to continue. A student who is suspended for academic misconduct and also fails to meet the continuation of study requirements may be required to serve the associated penalties consecutively;
  8. a recommendation for expulsion from Humber. A student who has been expelled from Humber is not eligible for readmission to Humber for at least five (5) years); and
  9. a recommendation for rescinding of the credential. A person, who is found guilty of academic misconduct after having been approved for graduation, or after having a credential conferred, may have that credential rescinded.

Sanctions for academic misconduct will consider the severity and frequency of the academic offence as determined by the Associate Dean.

Note: Sanctions may be applied retroactively if an offence is discovered subsequent to completion of a course or after graduation.

Humber Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations