17.2 Responsibilities

  • It is the responsibility of every learning community member at Humber to be familiar with and follow the processes, procedures, and expectations outlined in this regulation and their associated faculties regulations. All learning community members have the responsibility to create and foster environments and spaces that support academic integrity.
  • Students share equal responsibility in demonstrating behaviours which align with policies, processes, and expectations associated with academic integrity outlined by faculty and the College (including the Office of Student Conduct) in all learning formats and environments. It is important that students recognize how their conduct upholds the values of academic integrity (honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage).
  • Faculty also create and foster integrity in their learning environments through ongoing student education and development about the expectations of conduct that are consistent with academic integrity. The faculty-student relationship is integral to collaboratively upholding practices consistent with academic integrity. In addition, expectations for student behaviour should be presented repeatedly throughout students’ learning experiences through a variety of ways, but not limited to, clear language in course outlines, critical paths, academic program orientation materials, student meetings, learning management systems, and learning materials, etc.
  • Leaders across Humber are responsible for cultivating and strengthening a culture of academic integrity throughout the institution. These actions are made visible by establishing, following, and promoting policies that are responsive in nature (and through the provision of resources and supports), and that maintain fair and inclusive academic integrity practices and processes across the learning community.        
  • To conclude, all learning community members at Humber have the responsibility to initiate appropriate action in all instances where academic dishonesty is believed to have occurred. 

Humber Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations