14.3 Repeated Courses

Where a student repeats a course, all course attempts will show on the student’s Official Transcript.  A repeated course grade will continue to be calculated in the Term GPA and the Cumulative GPA.  The highest passing course grade in a repeated course situation will be used to calculate the student’s overall Cumulative Program Grade Point Average (CPGPA).

A student may take the same course a maximum of four (4) times, unless the program is listed as an exception.

Program exceptions for repeated courses

Bachelor of Science Nursing 
A student may attempt both nursing and non-nursing required courses a maximum of two times (one repeat). Students who are not successful would be required to withdraw from the program. Beyond that, the student must obtain the permission of the Associate Dean responsible for the governance of that specific course to repeat beyond the two attempts.

Humber Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations