12.1 Release of Grades

The Office of the Registrar will establish and post to the Academic Calendar, midterm and final grade release dates that will indicate when grades will be available for students to review.

Midterm Grades

Students registered in postsecondary, postgraduate, and degree courses will normally receive a midterm grade, which in conjunction with discussions with their faculty member, is for the purposes of providing feedback on academic performance to date. Midterm grades are not considered part of the official cumulative program grade point average (CPGPA) and will not appear on the student’s official transcript. Courses graded SAT/UNSAT may not receive a midterm grade.  Unless otherwise agreed upon, courses with a SAT/UNS evaluation method require midterm grades and will use the SAT/UNS notations.

Final Grades

At the end of each term, or upon completion of a program of study, all students registered in credit courses will receive a final grade. Final grades are not official until released to the student by the Office of the Registrar.

The Office of the Registrar will post midterm and final grades electronically through MyHumber at http://humber.ca/myhumber.

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