7.3 Financial Deregistration and Reinstatement

Financial deregistration occurs when a student fails to settle their financial account (pay in full or have an arrangement for payment approved by the Registrar’s Office) by the published payment deadline date. Financial deregistration is the removal of all course sections in a specific semester. Dates and deadlines for fees are posted in MyHumber and as per Humber’s academic calendar.

Prior to financial deregistration taking place payment reminder emails and paper invoices are sent. If the account is still not settled, financial deregistration occurs.  Students are notified by email to the student’s email account on file and by mail to the student’s mailing address on file. In addition to all course sections in the specific semester being removed, any tuition and compulsory fees already paid will be retained by Humber.

Reinstatement of courses following financial deregistration requires a student to settle their account with the Registrar’s Office. Students must be reinstated five days following a financial deregistration. Following the five day deadline, students will not be allowed to re-register until the next semester. A reinstatement fee may apply. A student who is being reinstated is not guaranteed the same timetable/schedule as originally selected during the registration process.

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