7.1 Full-time and Part-time Status

Full-time Student

Students must be enrolled in a Ministry approved full-time program. Students are considered to be a full-time student if they are officially enrolled in at least 66.66% (two-thirds) of a full-time course load or if the student is enrolled in at least 70% of the contact hours prescribed for the semester in the student's current program. Students with disabilities, who require a reduced course load as an accommodation, and who are registered with Accessible Learning Services, may be considered full-time students when they are registered in 40% or more of a full course load. Students should contact Accessible Learning Services.

Students wishing to exceed the normal course load will pay additional fees.

A student registered in a non-Ministry approved program and funded programs, such as Certificates of Achievement, will be considered part-time.

Part-time Student

A student, who is registered in less 66.66% full-time course load, or less than 70% of the contact hours prescribed for the Ministry approved program in the current semester, will be considered to be a part-time student.

Additionally, a student who registers in multiple postsecondary courses offered in the evening, weekend, or online may be considered full-time if enrolled 66.66%of a full-time course load in a given semester as specified in the program’s schedule of study. The Office of the Registrar will identify and notify the student as to the adjustment of their student status classification, fees, and tax information.

Humber Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations