7.7 Audited Courses

Where applicable, a student may request to audit a course. A student must obtain written permission to audit a course from the appropriate Associate Dean. The Associate Dean will submit appropriate authorization to the Office of the Registrar and the faculty member teaching the course so that they are aware of the student’s status in the course. The request to obtain audit status in a course must be submitted and approved prior to the fifth (5th) day of class. The Associate Dean, in consultation with the faculty member, will provide documentation to the student prescribing the extent to which the student may participate in the content of the course.

The procedures for registration and course changes of audited courses are the same as for regular course registrations, except that, after the end of the fifth (5th) day of classes, a student who is registered under audit status for a particular course is committed to that status and may not convert to credit status for the same course. With the approval of the Associate Dean, a student may change from credit to audit status up to the end of the fifth (5th) day of class. Students who are auditing courses will not be evaluated, nor will credits be earned for that course. The regular course fee will apply.

Audited courses will be noted on the transcript however audited courses will not be used in the determination of eligibility for continuation of study.

Audited courses are considered part of the normal course load for a student's term, but not for the purposes of assessing eligibility for Financial Assistance (OSAP).

Humber Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations