The Academic Regulations apply to all faculty, staff and all (prospective, confirmed, and registered) students of the College from the time of application to a course or program through to completion of the course or graduation from the program, where these activities or actions are a component of the relationship between the (prospective) student and the institution. Non-credit general interest courses with open admission are not covered under these regulations; those courses are covered in the specific course outline for each course.

The policies and procedures contained within this document apply to all students registered in any Humber course or any program offered by the College, in any location or in any format. In addition to these Academic Regulations, there may be Supplemental Regulations that may apply and be administered by the Academic Faculty or program area.  It is the responsibility of students to familiarize themselves with the applicable requirements that may apply within their Faculty or program. At times, the individual circumstances of a particular campus or a particular program may require a minor variation in procedure. These will be communicated to students at the commencement of the program or particular course.

The Academic Regulations do not supersede or negate any rights or responsibilities provided by law, and do not seek to limit the rights or freedom of expression as provided by law; however, behaviour that interferes with Humber’s operations, a student’s ability to learn and successfully graduate, and/or the academic integrity of the institution, is unacceptable and is addressed in part within this document.

Note: Decisions on whether a violation of the Academic Regulations has occurred will be based upon a review of evidence provided by the parties involved, gathered by the investigator and assessed on the standard of balance of probabilities.

Disclaimer: The policies and procedures contained within this document are current at the time of publication. Where changes occur, Humber will endeavor to communicate these changes immediately to students and provide them with as much advance notice as possible. Information on recent changes can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.

Humber Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations