6.7 Required Documents

Applicants for assessment of credit are responsible for submitting official documents. A transcript is considered to be official only when it is sent directly to Humber through ontariocolleges.ca, from the originating institution or issuing body. Hard copies must be received in the original sealed envelope signed by the institution or bearing an official stamp or seal or they will be deemed unofficial. Exceptions may be made when it is not possible for a transcript to be sent directly to Humber, provided the Office of the Registrar can reasonably determine the document’s authenticity.

Documents submitted to Humber become the property of Humber and are normally not returned to the student. In cases where documents are irreplaceable, the documents will be returned to the student provided the student requests return of the documents upon submission. Electronic images of documents will be retained by Humber.

In cases where a course has not yet been recorded in the Transfer Credit Database, the applicant will be asked to provide detailed course outlines.

If the issuing institution is not able to provide an official document in English, the student must arrange to have the document translated by an Ontario-certified translator. In this instance the documents should be sent directly from the issuing institution and Humber will provide the student with a copy for translation. Cost of translation will be the responsibility of the student.

Humber Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations