In addition to these Academic Regulations, there are a number of academic program and institutional policies, procedures, and codes that may apply and which may be administered by the Academic Faculty or area where the rules originate. Policies can be found at http://humber.ca/policies.

3.1 Related Policies

Use of the following Humber policies, procedures, and/or codes may be required in conjunction with administration of the Academic Regulations:

  • Academic Freedom Policy
  • Academic Honesty of Faculty and Staff Policy and Procedure
  • Accessibility Policy
  • Accessible Customer Service Policy
  • Code of Ethics
  • Code of Student Conduct
  • Copyright Policy
  • Human Rights Policy and Procedure
  • Intellectual Property Policy and Procedure
  • Integrity in Research and Scholarship Policy and Procedure
  • Midterm and Final Grade Submission Policy
  • Program Suspension/Cancellation Policy
  • Student Support and Intervention: Non-Academic Voluntary/Involuntary Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

3.2 Multiple Policies, Procedures, or Codes

In some instances the actions of a student may violate more than one Humber policy, procedure, or code. Where multiple internal policies, procedures, or codes apply, those responsible for initiating the processes will confer to determine which college policies, procedures, or codes should be applied first, whether multiple procedures are warranted and which takes precedence (for example, in an instance where both the Humber Academic Regulations and the Code of Student Conduct are violated). To the extent that there is any conflict or overlap between the provisions of any applicable policies, codes, or regulations, such conflict will be resolved by consultation between the parties responsible for the administration of the relevant policies, procedures, or codes.